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Pentax ESPIO 200

Pentax ESPIO 200

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What's Included?

  • Pentax ESPIO 200 35mm film camera
  • Original carry case
  • CR123A Battery
  • 40 day warranty


  • Near Mint
  • Gauge condition from photos


The Pentax Espio 200 is a distinguished member of the renowned Espio series, offering photographers a compact yet powerful tool for capturing life's moments on film. This sleek 35mm point-and-shoot camera is outfitted with an impressive 48-200mm zoom lens, allowing for remarkable versatility in framing—from detailed close-ups to wide scenic shots with crisp, vibrant colors. Designed for both ease of use and advanced functionality, the Espio 200 features intelligent autofocus and auto-exposure systems, ensuring each photo is perfectly focused and exposed, regardless of the shooting conditions. The camera also includes a host of creative options, such as multiple flash modes, landscape and portrait settings, and a panorama function for capturing expansive views. Its ergonomic design and intuitive operation make it a joy to use for everyday photography, travel, and special occasions alike. For those who cherish the authenticity and quality of film, the Pentax Espio 200 offers an enriching photographic experience that combines the classic appeal of analog with the convenience of modern features.

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