Grading Scale

After testing, each camera is graded based on its condition. 

  • MINT+ - The camera is in mint condition & comes with original box, paperwork & accessories. 
  • MINT (5/5) - The camera shows no signs of use or wear. 
  • NEAR MINT (4+/5) - The camera shows minimal signs of use & wear. 
  • EXCELLENT (4/5) - The camera show some small signs of use & wear. There are no major scratches, dents or other damage. 
  • GREAT (3/5) - The camera shows signs of use & wear such as scratches or scuffs. 
  • FAIR (2/5) - The camera shows signs of heavy use. There may be multiple visible scratches, dents or other cosmetic blemished, however the camera still functions properly. 
  • AS-IS (1/5) - The camera is sold 'as-is', meaning it has a known defect that does not affect the cameras ability to take photos (e.g. broken flash, battery door, zoom etc.). This is clearly noted in the product description & not eligible for warranty (see our returns policy for more details)

If a '+' symbol is added next to the grading word (e.g. 'MINT+', or 'GREAT+'), it indicates the camera comes with the original box, paperwork & accessories.