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Olympus MJU Zoom 140 VF

Olympus MJU Zoom 140 VF

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What's Included?

  • Olympus MJU Zoom 140 VF Camera 
  • Original box & paperwork
  • Original case
  • Original carry strap
  • Original remote control
  • x1 CR123A Battery (Brand New)
  • 40 day warranty


  • MINT
  • See our 'Grading Scale' page for more info on how we grade our cameras!  


  • High performance 38-140mm f/4-11 zoom lens
  • High-powered flash with 6 versatile modes
  • Passive Multi Auto Focus system
  • Worry-free weatherproofing
  • Supports infrared type remote control
  • 120mm (W) x 65.5mm (H) x 46mm (D)
  • 255g without a battery
  • VF - Indicated 'Visual Finder', meaning it makes it easier to know when you have taken photos in noisy environments


The Olympus MJU Zoom 140 VF is a sleek & reliable 35mm film camera with a high quality   38-140mm f/4-11 zoom lens suitable for a variety of environments.

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