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Olympus CAMEDIA C-725

Olympus CAMEDIA C-725

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What’s Included?

  • Olympus CAMEDIA C-725 Compact Digital Camera
  • x4 AA Batteries
  • Carry strap & lens cap
  • 40 Day Warranty


  • Near Mint
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  • 3 Megapixels
  • Retro style photos


The Olympus CAMEDIA C-725 Ultra Zoom stands as a beacon in the compact digital camera market, offering an unparalleled blend of versatility and high-quality imaging. This remarkable camera is equipped with an impressive 8x optical zoom lens, allowing photographers to capture stunning details from afar, making it perfect for everything from landscape photography to sporting events. With a resolution of 3.0 megapixels, the CAMEDIA C-725 delivers crisp, clear images that are rich in color and detail, ensuring your memories are preserved with the utmost clarity.

Designed with the user in mind, the CAMEDIA C-725 features an electronic viewfinder and a large LCD screen for easy framing and reviewing of shots. Its comprehensive manual settings afford enthusiasts the control needed to experiment with different photographic techniques, while its automatic modes simplify the shooting process for beginners, making it a versatile choice for photographers of all levels. The camera also includes innovative features such as macro mode for close-up photography and a built-in flash with red-eye reduction, enhancing its utility in a wide range of shooting conditions.

Compact and ergonomically designed, the Olympus CAMEDIA C-725 is not only a powerhouse of functionality but also a pleasure to use and carry. Whether you're embarking on a travel adventure or capturing everyday moments, this camera is a reliable companion that combines ease of use with exceptional photographic capabilities, making it a valuable tool for anyone passionate about photography.

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